Thursday, November 8th, 1990 (MC Serch, Two Kings in a Cipher, Kurious Jorge, AJ Damane)

Stretch's Comments (on March 10th, 2007): “Serch was our guest on our second show ever on November 8, 1990! Additionally, Two Kings In A Cipher, fresh out of Howard University, showed up (do I have to explain? Just Google it) and a live rhyme session ensued over old school break beats provided by yours truly (I wasn't even Stretch yet, haha!..DJ Adrian, Skinny Bonz, what's it gonna be?!..whoa). Some very entertaining lines were spit and the energy was trumungous. The next day, as I sat at Def Jam, I played the tape over and over, just loud enough for anyone walking by to hear so I could explain that yes, finally, we were on the air. This tape will be posted...hmmm, just looked through the files...I take that back. I will have to find it, but I know it's here somewhere. In the meantime, get down with this: Serch a la 1986 doing his best Slick Rick/Dana Dane impression (but the flow is already impeccable). Shout to pioneer Tony D. Aha! I found the freestyle (not the entire show unfortunately). I warned you about Bob's engineering prowess. This tape is mad distorted, the levels are bonkers, but it still sounds milk.”

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