Thursday, March 26th, 1992 (Positive K)

Stretch's Comments (on September 19th, 2007): “We were amped to have Positive K as a guest on March 26th, 1992. He really murdered it that night. Sadly, I don't have the entire show and it'd be great to hear the ‘interview’ with Pos, but I do have the verses he kicked. I do remember though, that Pos was one of the most laid back and friendly people I had met at the radio. It really seemed like he just didn't care, that he enjoyed rapping and bugging out, but wasn't really pressed about the music biz. He was nonchalant and pretty much had a smile on his face the whole time. After Night Shift he entered into a commercially successful relationship with Island / 4th & Broadway and we all heard I Got a Man a million times. After that, I didn't know what had happened to him, that is until there was a Pos K sighting which provided a eureka moment. Ever wonder what DJ Polo was doing for G Rap if Dr. Butcher and Marley always did the cuts? Well, Pos K was seen with DJ Polo in a particularly notorious part of Queens where you can pay to play if you know what I mean. Then ‘Night Shift’ made sense to me. Positive K didn't need to rap, it was just a hobby!” 

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