Thursday, August 10th, 1995 (Aceyalone, Ellay Khule, Riddlore, Eguan)


Blackbyrds – Wilford’s Gone
Les McCann – Sometimes I Cry
Roy Ayers – Searching
Paul Butterfield – I Don’t Wanna Go
Double Trouble – Live at the Amphitheatre
Raekwon – Ice Water ft. Cappadonna
Mobb Deep – Right Back at You
Smoothe Da Hustler – Broken Language ft. Trigger the Gambler
Bushwackas – Caugh Up in Da Game
KGB – Bless Ya Life
Lil Joon – Life
Jay-Z – In My Lifetime Remix
Das EFX – Real Hip Hop (Solid Scheme Remix)
Roy Ayers – Boogie Back
Souls of Mischief – Rock It Like That
KRS-One – MCs Act Like They Don’t Know
Crooklyn Dodgers ’95 – Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers
A Tribe Called Quest – Glamour & Glitz
GZA – Labels Remix
Bob James – Look-Alike
Isaac Hayes – Ike’s Mood
Supernatural – Buddah Blessed It
The Pharcyde – Drop
Aceyalone, Ellay Khule & Riddlore – ’95 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle
Blahzay Blahzay – Danger
Powerule – Dawn to Dusk
Total Pak – No Biting Allowed
The B.U.M.S. – Take a Look Around Remix
L-Swift – Check Da Style
Masta Ace – Maintain ft. Lord Digga
Raekwon – Verbal Intercourse
Isaac Hayes – Walk On By
Eguan – ’95 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle
Funkdoobiest – It Ain’t Goin’ Down
Rugged Scientist – Lights, Camera, Action
Big L – MVP
Cella Dwellas – Good Dwellas
Soul Kid Klik – Mortal Kombat
Concrete Click – Keep It Street
Buddy Miles – Down by the River
Donald Byrd – Night Whistler
Earth, Wind & Fire – Sun Goddess
Donald Byrd – Places and Spaces
Talk with Bobbito
Special Ed – Here I Go Again
Phone Calls


JOVA said...

Someone please help me find the name or info on an underground track played on the show sometime in either 96 or 97. I don't know if it was a demo track or otherwise. It was a West Coast sounding emcee with a Southern drawl. The track employed a classic sample used often, but unfortunately I cannot name that neither. What I do remember is the lyrics and the went something like this:

"I hit the party talking, flashing my cash content
Talking to my man (Sa?) as he walked in
He's bent - black provided with evil intent
giving a form of foreshadow of the nights events
(now) I appear in nike wears and hit the rear
I play the back just to get attached to the atmosphere.
No drama - just some baby ballers on the corner
who holler for dollers - all'em trying to be the shotcallers
No snaps for crap (?), I relax, crack my Sunny D
Mix an elixir with liquor to soothe my sensory.
Now I'm in a maximized state...
posted up next to some ex class mates behind the gates
near the patio. Speaking 'pon the cons and pros of crazy ho's
and shady nigguz..."

That's all I can remember. Someone please help me find that track. That beat was just the sickest 'gangsta' beat evah!!

JOVA said...

If someone has information on that track please email me at Peace and love everyone. A huge and special shout out to Stretch and Bob!

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