Thursday, May 29th, 1997 (Rampage, HDM, Domingo)


Brandan E. said...

Scienz Of Life- Powers Of Nine Ether
Ed OG ft. Laster- Off Balance RMX
E. Bros- A Toast
OC- My World
Rahseed- Industry party bumrusher
Brainwash- ???
Wutang- Triumph
Stretch & Bobbito talk break
Natural Elements- ????
Diamond D- Pains & Strife
Rampage freestyle + interview
Rampage album sampler
OC- Crew Love RMX
HDM- Real MC's
Mr. Complex- Visualize
OC- Far From Yours
Krumbsnatcha- Gettin Closer To God
Stretch & Bobbito talk break
HDM interview + freestyle
Domingo interview
Hurricane G- ????
Hurricane G- ???
Cage- Agent Orange
Mass Influence- Under pressure
Godfather Don- Piece Of The Action
Stretch & Bobbito/ Lord Sear talk break
Phone calls

unikone said...
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unikone said...

Tracklist :

Scienz Of Life - Powers Of Nine Ether
Laster - Off Balance Remix
E. Bros - A Toast
OC - My World
Rahsheed - Industrypartybumrusha
Company Flow - Tragedy Of War In III Parts
Company Flow - ?
Brainwash 2000 - Break It Down
Wu-Tang Clan - Triumph
Organized Konfusion - Numbers
R.A The Rugged Man - Smithhaven Mall
Stretch & Bobbito
Raidermen Featuring A-Butta, Beamer Man, L-Swift, Mr. Voodoo - Magnetic
Diamond D- Pains & Strife
Rampage - '97 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle & Interview
Rampage Promo Mix
Tone Hooker Featuring O.C. And Jay-Z - Crew Love ‎
Capone N Noreaga - Driver's Seat Remix
HDM - Real MC's
The Beatnuts feat Big Pun - Off The Books
Mr. Complex - Visualize
OC - Far From Yours
Krumbsnatcha - Gettin Closer To God
Stretch & Bobbito
HDM - '96 Stretch & Bobbito Freestyle & Interview
Domingo interview
Hurricane G - Underground Lockdown
Channel Live - Live 4 Hip Hop
Hurricane G - ?
The Beatnuts - Here's A Drink
Godfather Don - Seeds Of Hate
Ill Advised - Names
Mike Zoot - The Unfrontin' Funk Su'in
Thrust - Do You understand
Fly Guy Kool Kim - Skills R Amazing
Cage - Agent Orange
Mass Influence - Under Pressure
Godfather Don - Piece Of The Action
Stretch & Bobbito
Phone calls

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