Thursday, March 28th, 1996 (Dutchmin, Arsonists, Pitch Black)


Brandan E. said...

Busta Rhymes- Flipmode vs. Def Squad
Positive K- You Know My M.O.
Stretch & Bobbito talk break
Smoothe da Hustler- Hitman for Hire
Saukrates- Father Time
Pop da Brown Hornet- Black on Black Crime
Sadat X- Stages & Lights
Redman ft. Erick Sermon- ?????
Organized Konfusion- Bring It On
Dutchmin- Get Your Swerve On
Dutchmin interview + freestyle
CNN ft. Mobb Deep & Tragedy- LA, LA (Marley Marl Mix)
Natural Elements- Shine
Arsonists interview + freestyle
Mobb Deep ft. ACD- Street Life
Ak Skillz- Nights of Fear
Paula Perry- Paula's Jam
MOP- Raise Hell
Tragedy Khadafi- Judas Theory
Large Professor- Ijuswannachill
Pitch Black interview + freestyle
Akinyele- In the World (orig.)
Common Sense- The Bitch in Yoo
Camp Lo- Coolie High RMX
Redman ft. Erick Sermon- Funkorama RMX
Camp Lo- Killin' em Softly
Big Noyd ft. Mobb Deep- ????
Non Phixion Stretch & Bobbito promo
Mobb Deep- Right Back (its Like That)
Phone calls

Anonymous said...

Pitch Black Demo after AK
MOP TOP after Camp Lo - Killin...

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